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Welcome to The Australian David Campbell Information Page.

GOOD LOVIN' available now!

David is currently undergoing a mammoth tour of Australia... Don't miss him!

Click here for tour dates

David in Sondheim's COMPANY in Sydney.

DAVID on IT TAKES TWO with Jolene Anderson.

Congratulations Jolene and David for winning the series!!


This page was officially launched on 11 April, 1997.

 This page was last updated 31 March 2009.

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 Welcome to my site!

On my web site you will find lots of information about this wonderful Australian actor, cabaret and theatre performer. Simply click on one of the buttons on the left of the screen to learn more about David. You can also click on the arrow buttons to get back to the top of each page.

Who IS this guy that has set up these pages I hear you ask....???

Let me introduce myself... My name is Adam Wilson and I live in Sydney, Australia and I have had the pleasure of seeing David on many occasions performing here in Australia in both cabaret performances and theatre. During that time, Penny and I have got to know David and he has become a good friend of ours.

Due to an absence of David information on the Internet, I decided to set up these pages as a way to show my appreciation for this wonderful talent we have here from Australia.

My admiration goes out to David and those other wonderful Australian performers that work so hard to always give us great performances and make us really proud to be Australians and to proudly support the Australian Theatre Scene.

Many thanks go out to David himself for always being so friendly and willing to have a chat with us (normally after a hard night's work), signing CD's and programs, and generally keeping me up to date with any news. Thanks go to Les Solomon, David's manager, for also supplying me with information as it comes to hand.

Thanks too, to all those people who have actively helped with these pages and their content.

Also my love to Penny, my wife, who puts up with me being on the internet for hours on end to make these pages possible.

Enjoy these pages.......


Page setup and design by Adam Wilson.
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