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What good is sitting alone in your room? Suddenly everyone is coming to the cabaret in New York. Julie Anthony and Judi Connelli, a fine pair of troupers, have been busy at the Eighth Annual Cabaret Convention and a Cavalcade of Cabaret at the Algonquin Hotel, but the man of the moment is Australian crooner David Campbell.

This week Campbell began a three-week season at the Rainbow & Stars in the Rockefeller Centre, the plum cabaret venue in Manhattan. At 24, he is the youngest singer ever to headline a series there. And after playing much lower-profile clubs last year he is now perilously close to being talk of the town.

He has had write-ups this week in The New York Post ("Saucy young Aussie's a Down Under wonder"), The New York Times (which calls him a young man in a hurry) and New York magazine ("Australian cabaret sensation").

Over the past few months he has been performing in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago and also took part in the closing performance of the Cabaret Convention in New York. He has also been preparing for a season of Marius in the 10th-anniversary production of Les Miserables back in Australia immediately after his Rainbow & Stars season. That's how it goes in showbiz, old chum: big city one week; the barricades the next.

Alan Attwood

Sydney Newspaper November, 1997.