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Vocal in their Similarities

If you close your eyes while speaking to singer David Campbell, you'd swear were listening to his father.

A throaty laugh, unmistakable clipped tones and the slightest hint of a Scottish brogue all combine to make the singer sound very much like his hard rockin' papa Jimmy Barnes.

"People are always telling me that," he said from his Redfern home yesterday. "It's sort of crazy considering we have never lived together. But even the few times we've been on stage together, it's almost spooky the way we move and sing like one another."

"We're a great argument for the overriding power of genetics."

Which is fine and well, but it's doubtful if the all-screaming antics of dad will add much to Campbell's latest venture. Currently starring in the new Les Miserables show, Campbell is adding the finishing touches to two solo concerts he will perform next month.

 The shows will be based on his critically acclaimed gigs in New York.

The Daily Telegraph, Sydney. 26 January, 1998