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A Barnes-storming Duet

ONE will give it the Glen Campbell touch while the other will pay homage to Johnny Cash.

Father and son Jimmy Barnes and David Campbell will be singing the same song when they team up for their first formal national television appearance together.

They'll sing the Jimmy Webb classic Wichita Lineman on the show Campbell is part of on Tuesday night Seven's hit series Dancing With The Stars.

"I'm also dancing the cha cha this week to Ain't No Mountain High Enough and Jimmy's going to sing that with my sister Mahalia, so it's going to be a real family affair," Campbell told TV editor Marcus Casey.

"I sang Wichita Lineman with Jimmy on his album one of the proudest moments in my career.

"There's a chemistry because we know each other so well. We both love the song it's my favourite Jimmy Webb song.

The reunited father and son duo last sang on stage at the 2000 cricket awards famously joined by a hammered Michael Slater on Khe Sanh.

"How do you think we felt?" Campbell said of the incident.

"It was 'holy shit, he's going to get up here' and he did, with a wine in hand, which was really classy."

Campbell also has another song to talk about his new single End Of The World which is not about destruction but love.

The Daily Telegraph, October 15, 2005