West End Cares London Concert Review

Late Night Cabaret is a series of shows put on by West End Cares to raise money for Crusaid here in London. Usually on a Monday night, this week we were treated to an extra show on Thursday night, when David Campbell, the rapidly rising Australian star, showed London just why he is going to go far.

In town to perform in the Hey Mr Producer Concerts, David put on his own show at Connaughts, to a wildly enthusiastic audience. From the moment he was introduced on stage and launched into an exciting version of "Tear Up The Town", David had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.

The eighty minute set showed David at his best, combining numbers from his Taking The Wheel CD with a number of new songs, that truely showcased his amazing talents. "Taking The Wheel", "The Nearness Of You/Not A Day Goes By", "Old Devil Moon", "The Birth Of The Blues" and "It Will Always Be You" were just some of the numbers he sang in what can only be described as one hell of a show! He introduced the London audience to the new musical "Urban Myths" by John Bucchino, by performing four numbers from it, including "My Alligator and Me" and an astonishing version of "Grateful", which bought tears to the eyes of many of the audience.

Another highlight of the show was a medley of songs by the late Peter Allen, also an Australian, which ended with a beautiful version of "I Honestly Love You". He ended his show with a moving version of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters".

Accompanied by the brilliant, and very young Nathan Martin on piano, David demonstrated what a fantastic entertainer he is, interspersing his songs with amusing tales of his life in Australia and his father, and his adventures in London since he arrived. And he had the audience captivated for the entire performance, they were won over by his charm, good looks and polished performance. When David sings you can feel the passion he has for the song, and it is obvious that he lovingly chooses his repertoire, selecting songs that are not only well written, but that have meaning to him.

The audience gave him a well earned standing ovation at the completion of his set, demanding that he come back for an encore. It was a fantastic show.

My only complaint about the night was that David didn't perform "Yard Sale". Next time please!

And what a pleasure it was to have David come out into the audience after the show and thank people for coming, and have a chat with them. (Thanks David for signing my CD.) David came across as a very down to earth guy, with a very big talent. A very impressive performance all round.

Let's hope that "Taking The Wheel" is released locally soon, so that more people in London hear about David. Although I am sure, that if this show was any indication, David's performance in the Hey Mr Producer Concerts, is going to make London sit up and take notice of this major talent. I can't wait to see it.

Come back soon, David.

Peter Hains, 9 June 1998

Thanks to Peter Hains for writing this review. Adam