Rainbow and Stars Review

Hi All -

My husband and I decided to treat ourselves to David Campbell at Rainbow and Stars Wednesday night as an anniversary present to ourselves. We used to live in NYC but had never been to the Rainbow Room. The view from up there was spectacular but the high point of the evening, of course, was David's performance. We have both his CDs which we play all the time but seeing him in person was quite a thrill. He sang many of the songs from his CDs and some others that aren't on either of the albums. His voice is just so amazing. He has a lot of poise and stage presence and also has a wonderful sense of humor. He was very funny in his banter with the audience. He seemed very relaxed and at ease and comes across as a genuinely nice guy. He talked about his recent engagement and how he couldn't help falling in love with Natalie. He said, "After all, she died in my arms every night" referring to their roles in Les Miz. He said the love songs he sings now have a whole new meaning for him. Awwwww.... He talked a little about his unusual family situation and how he's enjoyed performing a few times with his dad. He laughed about the fact that even though Jimmy is famous in Austrailia, most Americans have never heard of him. That fact was confirmed by the audience. The funniest thing he did, though, was his Mandy Patinkin routine. We were all in stitches as he sounded so much like Mandy while exaggerating Mandy's vocal inflections and mannerisms.

After the show he was just standing with his band in the foyer. People were coming up to him and he was very gracious. I told him how much I had enjoyed the show and asked him when he was coming out with another album. He said next year.

There was a whole table of people sitting next to us who were basically having a business meeting. We had the impression they had probably never heard of David and had just gone to the Rainbow Room because it was...well...the Rainbow Room and didn't really care about the entertainer. By the end of the evening, though, they were cheering him just as loudly as everyone else. It was fun to see David at this stage of his career and I will be watching closely to see where he goes from here. He certainly has the talent and charm to go wherever he wants to.

Be sure to go see him in person if you have the chance.


Rainbow and Stars Review - October, 1998 - By Jeannie Peterka