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David Campbell is set to take on the best of the best in the New York cabaret business this month, with local critics tipping him to dominate the cutthroat scene.

Campbell, the all-singing son of rock screamer Jimmy Barnes, will open his season at the prestigious Rainbow Room coinciding with the Cabaret Convention, living up to the growing reputation of Australian performers and their impeccable timing.

The convention is the peak event on the US cabaret calendar.

Trio Combo Fiasco and former Phantom of the Opera star Maree Johnson are expected to do the musical equivalent of selling ice to the eskimos by wowing the New York cabaret community.

Combo Fiasco - Tony McGill, Sharon Millerchip and Shaun Murphy - are a singing trio poking fun at musicals like Phantom of the Opera.

Since opening in Manhattan they have been playing to packed houses at the downtown club Eighty Eights.

Last year Campbell was joined by fellow Aussies Judi Conelli and Julie Anthony as nightclub headliners and feature acts at the convention where they all played to rave reviews.

The Daily Telegraph, Sydney -Tuesday, October 13, 1998 - Page 13 with Kim Sweetman