The Mad Minute with David Campbell

Q. Do you feel the weight of expectation on your shoulders with Jimmy Barnes being your father?
A. I used to a lot more. With Shout now with Johnny (O'Keefe) it's become a different kind of pressure. People expect me to be an icon rather than the son of an icon. People who critique the show seem to think that I've come to do this stuff naturally because it's in my genes. So it's actually become a blessing.

Q. How do you feel when people refer to you as Barnesy's son?
A. Proud. He's my father. I've been with him the past three nights just hanging out and having a good time. He got up on the stage the other night. It's fun. It's something where the older I get the more comfortable I am with it.

Q. Has your role in Shout helped you break away from that and give you your own identity?
A. It has. It's proven to people that I can hold my own show. It's given me a lot of credit which has been fantastic.

Q. You sang Shout on stage with your father the other night. How would you describe it?
A. It was pretty extraordinary anyway because in the show this huge drop comes down with all the neon names of all the people that have been influenced by John (O'Keefe) and my dad's on there. It was a pretty surreal feeling to invite him up on stage. It was special and there was a great circle-of-life thing happening there.

Q. Have you ever suffered from stage fright?
A. I've got the gift of the gab, so if something happens I'm always prepared. But it's always the second before the show. I get this little twinge in my stomach that gives me that edge every night.

Q. Do you sing in the shower?
A. Yeah, I sing everywhere to keep the voice warm. It's such a big ask in the show that I train myself to sing all the time. Otherwise, two hours a night I do the Olympics and the rest of the day I'm not.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
A. Still doing it, in a big way. My ultimate goal is longevity. Some people think I'm a flash in the pan but they don't realise that I've been working nine years for this.

MX, Edition 1 - FIRSTTUE 13 FEB 2001, Page 004