Shout! will rock your socks off

SHOUT is a triumph of Australian talent, the pivot being the life of legendary rock and roll star Johnny O'Keefe.

With participation from more than 200 talented Aussies, many of whom knew and worked with JO'K, and a new generation of stars - including David Campbell as Johnny, Greenwich's Tamsin Carroll as Marianne and Aaron Blabey as American promoter Lee Gordon - this show will enthral all ages. Wonderful to see Trisha Noble, who wowed us as Patsy Ann Noble in the '50s, still in superb voice as Johnny's mother.

For those who were around in the '50s, Shout! is a valuable record of the dawn of rock and roll times, times when Australian entertainers were rarely recognised. It was a time when people flocked to see overseas stars like Johnny Ray and Frank Sinatra at Sydney's only viable venue - the boxing stadium at Rushcutters Bay. It was the time when the flamboyant, outrageous Johnny O'Keefe burst onto the scene.

Written by John-Michael Howson, David Mitchell and Lane Cove's Melvyn Morrow, Shout is informative, deeply nostalgic and musically and choreographically brilliant. On a stage stripped for action, over which a huge clock face presides - a reminder of Johnny's ABC TV show, Six O'Clock Rock - the professional and private lives of Johnny O'Keefe unfold. Rarely has such a feat been achieved with such
efficacy and subtlety in a musical.

And the songs? And the dancing?

Mere words cannot do them justice.

North Shore Times (Wed), Edition 1 -WED 14 MAR 2001, Page 32