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Good Lovin'

David Campbell Reveals 'Good Lovin'' Tracklisting!
Find out why David Campbell chose the 12 songs that are on his forthcoming album 'Good Lovin'' - in stores November 15.

I was surfing online late one night and I came across Len Barry's "1-2-3". When I heard that song and the drum and the power of that song and I thought, 'right that's the sound for the whole album'. Every track came in really quickly after that. It sort of formed the whole album and that's why we lead out with it.

"Good Lovin'"
A band like the Young Rascals took what the English were doing with the British Invasion and made it their own. There was a musical competition between bands in that era to make the richest, almost semi-symphonic pop rock records. I find that really exciting. There's this epic scope in it, but it's still really tight and really dancy.

"You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling"
Jimmy really wanted to sing this song. He really built the dynamics in this brilliantly. I think he barely broke a larynx doing it. The session took maximum 45 minutes. Once we got the song up we did a few ideas together and that was it. I think the third take was the one we used.

"Keep On Runnin'"
I love this song so much. I wanted to get more rockier stuff in there. It's one of those songs you can't really deny it. It's like this fantastic '60s freight train coming at you and you just let it run over you. It's a pleasure. When I hear Cold Chisel, I hear that high blue-eyed soul Stevie Winwood sound. Listen to "Choir Girl" - it's that high piercing sound.

"You Made Me So Very Happy"
This is a really tough song. When Chong and I were planning the record we would sit there with our laptops and go through the songs and look around and see if there's something we've forgotten ad we found two songs: "How Can I Be Sure?" and "You Made Me So Very Happy". It's one of those songs again it's an ulifting love song. There's nothing depressing about love on this album, it's all very uplifting it feels good.

"How Can I Be Sure?"
We went all '60s on this one. We theoretically dropped studio acid and did crazy things on this. We didn't really drop drugs, we just played around with drug sounds from that period. I love the lyric and the great groove and the strings. Chong has done a great job on this album and that track in particular.

"Yeh Yeh"
This was an early contender for the album because of that whole Mod sound and Georgie Fame. My grandmother - she gets talked about on every album - she loved people like Georgie Fame so I always grew up with this song. And I grew up with the Matt Bianco track from the '80s. There's something really cool about it. It's tight. You don't get tracks like that very often

"The Girl From New York City"
This came out of nowhere. We were already recording and Chong mentioned Manhattan Transfer and "Boy From New York City" came into my head. I had always wanted to do something doo wop and then I thought about that song. We just changed the lyrics a little bit and Darren Percival taught me how to put it all together. and doo wop me like Bobby Mc Ferrin but not nearly as talented. Everything is me including the production and the bass. There's one ultra low part at the very end which is Mr Percival because I just can't sing that low. It was a like a long nine-hour day of doing every part over and over.

"Jackie Wilson Says"
It's a little out of the period but I like the feel. I grew up with the Dexy's Midnight Runners version. And then of course you get older and hear Van. My piano player said I should do this, that it sounds like something I would do live. It's a little out of the period but this feels like it fits in with the rest of the album.

"Suspicious Minds"
I love the song and I love Elvis. You can't do a collection of '60s songs and not do Elvis. There' something about this song. It has a really great groove . I remember the Fine Young Cannibals version too and we've done an amalgam of all those versions and Elvis' live version.

"Tell It Like It Is"
You don't want to tackle Aaron Neville lightly. It was one of those late night additions and this is one of those songs I heard as a kid. We did it quickly and it was one of those songs that once Mahalia and the Soul Mates got on it they just brought the whole song to life.

"Devil In A Blue Dress"
I found "Devil In A Blue Dress" in a collection somewhere and I'd forgotten about it. But it was one of the tracks like "1-2-3" that I thought had to go on the album. I love the gospel section. It's really primal and I wanted something like that on the album. The song just lets loose with gospel and '50s rock & roll. This track and Len Barry shaped the album for me.


The Swing Sessions 2


1.  Witchcraft
2.  Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
3.  Lazy River
4.  Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody
5.  I've Got A Crush On You
6.  Route 66
7.  Summer Wind
8.  Begin The Beguine
9.  That Old Black Magic
10.  There Will Never Be Another You
11.  That's Life
12.  Danke Schoen
13.  One For My Baby
14.  King Of The Road

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The Swing Sessions

The Swing Sessions is David Campbell back to doing what David Campbell does best: singing the songs he was born to sing. The Swing Sessions puts David back in front of a big band as he tips his hat to the greats that inspired him to become an entertainer in the first place.

The album has been produced by Chong Lim, and together with a full orchestra, David and Chong locked themselves away in a studio in Melbourne and recorded The Swing Sessions, mostly live, old-school style.

The album features 13 tracks including classics like ‘You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You’, ‘The Way You Look Tonight’, ‘Can't Take My Eyes Off You’, ‘All The Way’, ‘Beyond The Sea’, ‘Mr. Bo jangles’ and ‘My Funny Valentine’.

Track Listing:
1.  You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
2.  Call Me Irresponsible
3.  Mack The Knife
4.  The Way You Look Tonight
5.  Love Me Or Leave Me
6.  Can't Take My Eyes Off You
7.  Birth Of The Blues
8.  All The Way
9.  Waters Of March
10.  Beyond The Sea
11.  Mr. Bojangles
12.  With Plenty Of Money & You
13.  My Funny Valentine

 When She's Gone - CD single

 HOPE, the first single from David's upcoming CD was released 16 June 2003.

See the video clip here



Shout the Musical


SHOUT! is the exciting new musical wowing audiences in Australia!
It is the story of Australia's rock legend, Johnny O'Keefe as portayed by David Campbell!

AUSTRALIA - Was released March 12, 2001. Recording Label: Sony-Epic, Catalog Number: 5020812000

Track Listing (Click on a track name to hear a 20 second MP3 teaser sound file)

  1. Sing (Tell The Blues So Long)
  2. Wild One (Real Wild Child)
  3. Cry
  4. Save the Last Dance For Me
  5. Rock And Roll Will Stand
  6. Right Now
  7. Move Baby Move
  8. Crazy
  9. The Sun's Gonna Shine Tomorrow
  10. He Wears My Ring
  11. She's My Baby
  12. Ready For You
  13. Get A Job
  14. Hit Record
  15. Chapel Of Love
  16. I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
  17. Holdin' You In My Holden
  18. Mockingbird
  19. I'm Counting On You
  20. So Tough
  21. Tourin' Time
  22. Purple People Eater/Witch Doctor
  23. Mr Bass Man
  24. Bye Bye Baby
  25. She Wears My Ring
  26. Rock Around The Clock
  27. What'd I Say
  28. Shout!

Saturday Night

Saturday Night CD Front Cover

David played the role of Gene in Stephen Sondheim's Saturday Night.

USA - Released June 20, 2000. Recording Label: WEA/ATLANTIC/NONESUCH Catalog Number: 79609-2

Click here for more images from the CD booklet.

Grateful - The Songs of John Bucchino

Front cover of Grateful CD

USA - Released April 18, 2000. Recording Label: BMG/RCA VICTOR Catalog Number: 09026 63594-2
USA - Also released as a sheet music folio book - ISBN 0-634-02000-5 (RRP $14.95US$)

Track Listing

  1. "Grateful": Michael Feinstein

  2. "Sweet Dreams": Judy Collins
  3. "That Smile": Liza Minelli and Billy Stritch
  4. "It Feels Like Home": Daisy Prince
  5. "A Powerful Man": Jimmy Webb
  6. "Unexpressed": Adam Guettel
  7. "Temporary": Lois Sage
  8. "Dancing": Patty LuPone
  9. "If I Ever Say I'm Over You": Art Garfunkel
  10. "Sepia Life": Andrea Marcovicci
  11. "The Song Without Violins": Amanda McBroom
  12. "In A Restaurant By The Sea": Ann Hampton Callaway
  13. "Not A Cloud In The Sky": John Bucchino
  14. "Taking The Wheel": Brian Lane Green
  15. "Better Than I": David Campbell
  16. "This Moment": Kristen Chenowith

Babes in Arms

Babes In Arms 1999 Cast Recording Front Cover - Click for a larger image


Babes in Arms was released in the USA on Nov 16, 1999, It is currently available from at Barnes and Noble and CDNow . Combine this with some coupons and you should be able to get it real cheap!

Babes in Arms is available at the CD Collector at Bondi Junction in Sydney, the address is.
Shop 66
Bondi Junction Plaza
Oxford St
Bondi Junction
(02) 9389 2878

Taking the Wheel

USA - Released September 9, 1997. Recording Label: Pgd/Philips Catalog Number: 537936
Australia - Released September 29, 1997. Recording Label: PolyGram Catalog Number: 537936-2

You will find David's listening notes from the CD and also more pictures here.

Track Listing

  1. Grateful

  2. Gentle Souls and Tender Hearted Fools
  3. It Will Always Be You Real Audio
  4. I Honestly Love You
  5. Old Devil Moon
  6. The Nearness of You/Not a Day Goes By
  7. I Got Rhythm
  8. Never Really Mine to Lose
  9. Storybook
  10. Yard Sale (1998 MAC Award for Song of the Year)
  11. Bridge Over Troubled Water Real Audio
  12. Taking the Wheel
  13. Just Where They Should be
  14. It Will Always Be You (Acoustic Version)

    A bit of trivia here for you..... Robin Gist was the Engineer on this CD. Robin is a good friend of mine back from the Girl Overboard days in the 80's. I had the pleasure of introducing Robin (and Lisa) to David a year before they worked together on this project up at Wynella Gardens!


Yesterday is Now

Yesterday is Now is available on PGD/Polygram Records, catalogue number 532 714-2 both in Australia and the USA.

You will find David's listening notes from the CD, real audio samples and also more pictures here.

Track Listing

  1. Whatever Happened to Melody

  2. Help is on the Way
  3. Errol Flynn
  4. I Have Dreamed/Out of My Dreams
  5. Only Heaven Knows
  6. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody Real Audio
  7. Come Rain or Come Shine
  8. Broadway Baby
  9. Alexander's Ragtime Band Real Audio
  10. Australian Musical Medley
  11. A Kid Inside
  12. Mr. Tanner
  13. On Such a Night as This
  14. 'Til Tomorrow/The Promise

A Kid Inside

A Kid Inside is a three track EP with the following songs:

Track Listing

  1. A Kid Inside

  2. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
  3. I'll be Seeing You

This was recorded live at The Tilbury in Sydney, 31 May 1995 during David's A Kid Inside Cabaret tour.

Thanks to Chris Murray for supplying me this info.

Only Heaven Knows

David appeared as Tim on the 1995 Australian Cast Recording of this musical written by Alex Harding. Also appearing on this CD are Anthony Cogin, Jason Langley, Jacqy Phillips and Garry Scale.

Track Listing

  1. Prologue

  2. This Is It
  3. Night-Time In This City
  4. Sydney You're Wonderful
  5. Would You Like That Too?
  6. Ain't It A Shame
  7. Asking Me Questions
  8. Act I Scene 15
  9. Act II Scene 1
  10. Lucky For You
  11. Where Is The Love?
  12. Stealin'
  13. Without Him
  14. Only Heaven Knows
  15. Epilogue

Thanks to Chris Murray for supplying me this info.

Sheet Music is now available for this through Warner Chappell.
Thanks to Steve Thornton for this scan.


Tenth Anniversary Tilbury Hotel CD

Origin OR029

On the CD 'TILBURY TENTH GALA' David sings a stunning version of 'Come Rain or Come Shine' with only piano accompaniment. It is on label Origin OR029.

Thanks to Michael Sassella for sending me this artwork.


Banana Lounge CD Front Cover

NoizeNet sell this CD. The track listing for the Banana Lounge CD is as follows:

  1. Departure - LOKA & PAM ANN

  2. (Love Is) The Tender Trap - TOM BURLINSON
  4. Tragedy - ZURINA
  5. It Will Always Be You - COLD CHISEL
  6. Love Addiction - ROBYN LOAU
  7. Blue - VINCE JONES
  8. Coconuts - DANNII MINOGUE
  9. Fever - GRACE KNIGHT
  10. Je T'aime - BOB DOWNE and JULIAN CLARY
  11. Old Devil Moon - DAVID CAMPBELL
  12. Trying Too Hard - KATE CEBERANO
  13. Happy Boy - ASTRO TABASCO
  14. Heartbeat Of Sydney - EDWIN DUFF
  15. Message - TINA ARENA
  16. Black Coffee - RHONDA BURCHMORE
  17. Tubthumping - PASTEL VESPA
  18. Booty - RENEE GEYER
  19. I Should Be So Lucky - KYLIE MINOGUE
  20. Arrival - LOKA & PAM ANN

Released: 30-Nov-98 on Shock Records Catalogue Number: CSRCD5093
Note: Cold Chisel (Jimmy Barnes - David's dad!) doing "It Will Always Be You" - interesting!!


(picture to follow)

Polygram A$29.95

28 Show Stopping Songs from the Stars of Australian Musical Theatre

A fabulous compilation of the best of Australia's Showbiz stars - featuring ANTHONY WARLOW Les Miserables, Secret Garden , PHILIP QUAST Les Miserables , DEBRA BYRNE Sunset Boulevard, Cats, Les Miserables , PETER COUSENS West Side Story, Miss Saigon, Phantom, Les Miserables, Aspects of Love , DAVID DIXON Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat , JILL PERRYMAN Funny Girl , GERALDINE TURNER Chicago, NANCYE HAYES Chicago, Nine , DAVID CAMPBELL Only Heaven Knows, Scarlet Pimpernel , JOHN DIEDRICH Nine , JUDI CONNELLI Chicago, Follies, Into the Woods , JULIE ANTHONY Irene , and KATE CEBERANO Jesus Christ Superstar.

 This 2-CD set replaces Great Moments of Australian Musical Theatre which has now been deleted.

Hey Mr. Producer

On CD (in the USA) - PGD/PHILIPS #538030 . . Streetdate: August 25, 1998
On video (released on 27 October 1998 in the USA) - COLUMBIA/TRISTAR STUDIOS #3009 and will be released on 12 October 1998 in the UK.
On DVD...Streetdate: June 11, 2002.

The cast includes Michael Ball, John Barrowman, Brian Blessed, David Campbell, Judi Dench, Lara Fabian, Maria Friedman, Ellen Greene, Michael Hayden, Ruthie Henshall, Hugh Jackman, David Kernan, Tom Lehrer, Robert Lindsay, Julian Lloyd Webber, Jimmy Logan, Millicent Martin, Julia McKenzie, Marion Montomery, Paul Nicholas, Elaine Paige, Bernadette Peters, Clarke Peters, Phillip Quast, Joanna Riding, Liz Robertson, Lea Salonga, Ned Sherin, Donald Sinden, Stephen Sondheim, Sonia Swarby, Colm Wilkinson, and a supporting company and orchestra of over 200 performers. They performed exerpts from some of the great musical productions of the last 30 years.

More details here about the concert itself.

Track Listing

Disc 1

Disc 2

01. We Said We Wouldn't Look Back
02. Cats Overture
03. Food Glorious Food
04. Wouldn't It be Loverly?
05. Quit Professor Higgins
06. The Rain In Spain
07. Get Me To The Church On Time
08. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
09. Introduction (Julie Andrews)
10. One Two Three
11. Little Shop Of Horrors
12. Somewhere That's Green
13. Suddenly Seymour
14. Day By Day
15. I Get A Kick Out Of You
16. Variations
17. Unexpected Song
18. Nicer In Nice
19. I Love A Lassie
20. Five Guys Named Moe/ Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?
21. Pick A Pocket
22. As Long As He Needs Me
23. Introduction (Julie Andrews)
24. I'm Martin Guerre
25. How Many Tears?
26. The Heat Is On In Saigon
27. The Wedding
28. Last Night Of The World
29. This Is The Hour
30. American Dream

01. The Phantom Of The Opera
02. Music Of The Night
03. Broadway Baby
04. Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'
05. Carousel Waltz/Ballet
06. Porch Scene
07. You'll Never Walk Alone
08. Introduction (Ned Sherrin)
09. Side By Side
10. You Could Drive A Person Crazy
11. Send In The Clowns
12. Losing My Mind
13. Being Alive
14. You've Gotta Have A Gimmick
15. Introduction (Stephen Sondheim)
16. Duelling Pianos
17. Poisoning Pigeons In The Park
18. Jellicle Songs
19. Memory
20. At The End Of The Day
21. Stars
22. Do You Hear The People Sing ?
23. On My Own
24. Bring Him Home
25. One Day More
26. We Said We Wouldn't Look Back